viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009

"Let's be professional !" (F**k Me!) Seminario by Shu Lea Cheang

24.11.09 18h-22h. Free access.

Auditorio MACBA, Barcelona

Hangar invites artist Shu Lea Cheang* to share her secrets of artistic sustainability with the precarious art workers of Barcelona. For the last 25 years Shu Lea has lived exclusively from her art without needing to resort to selling drugs, working in the Post Office or serving in a bar. How has she managed to do it ? This is the question that she will be attempting to answer in this exclusive seminar open to anybody interested.

Departing from her success story, BRANDON (1998-1999), billed as the Guggenheim Museum's first web art commission, "the cyber equivalent of Bilbao" and I.K.U., a self-certified sci-fi porn that labeled her a cyberpunk classic,

Google search: brandon by Shu Lea Cheang at village voice
Google search: IKU the cyberpunk movie

Shu Lea would "EXPOSE" her project folders from 2000 to 2010 as she reviews her year by year business of conception, planning, accounting, sketching and scheming. Through this act of random file retrieval, Shu Lea reveals her "behind the scene" pleasure and desperation and discuss how she managed to 'fuck and get fucked" , PROFESSIONALLY!!

Shu Lea would also devote ONE HOUR of the seminar to 'case study'
submitted by members of the public and seminar participants. Submit your case for the seminar study on 'how to be professional" or 'how to fuck it all up'.

Tips for 'Let's be professional'
01 initialize, format and Restart yourself
02 Be a corporate whore
03 Assign yourself a double agent
04 Switch positions, swap genders, swallow genres
05 Upload your orgasm data
06 Make folders, Make Zip, Make your own money
07 Make your own popcorn for your movie night out
08 Balance yourself with EXCEL
09 Squat a server or a few
10 Plant your garlic in October

Organisation by Hangar
Collaboration by MACBA

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